Lose Two Dress Sizes in Ten Minutes

A body shaper sold only in North Texas claims to trim women by two dress sizes.

A group of women met at Sym's in Hurst to test the "Body Magic" Reshaper's promise.  Reflecting a range of sizes: Eutella Washington's size 6, Lisa Kirby's 20 to Antoinette Carter Johnson's 22, the women agreed to see if body magic can really lift, shrink and shape their trouble spots.

"You want people to say, 'Wow,' when you walk into a room,"  Carter Johnson said.

Jackie McDowell-Walton, an independent distributor of the product, came to help out. 

McDowell-Walton said the product can make quite a dramatic difference. 

"Up to two to three dress sizes instantly within 10 minutes," McDowell-Walton said. "Once you put on the garment and wear it 6-8 hours, you can put it on the next time by yourself."

The women said they were pleased with the results.  

"I love it, I have a Wonder Woman waist," Washington said. "Look at the curves."

The other ladies agreed. 

"It does give me a waist and it does push everything up, so you have to be willing to have cleavage," Kirby said. "It deemphasizes the back fat, that's why I would buy it."

The "Body Magic" reshaper is not sold in stores, but it is available through independent distributors.

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