Women Lose Weight to Win Back Wedding Size

Challenge: Fitting in before royal wedding.

A group of North Texas women vowed to shed enough pounds to slim back down to their wedding size.

In February, they pledged to lose enough weight to slip back into their wedding dresses in time for this week's royal wedding in England. Sonja Kabell, a consultant at Slimming World USA, a weight-loss club, came up with the idea.

Participants reached their goal -- and a little early, too.

"It's just amazing that the last time I wore this for my husband and to marry my husband, and this time I wear it for me," Laurel Wright said.

She lost 80 pounds through Slimming World USA in Plano

"I just wanted to be in a regular size that could go to a regular store," she said.

Nan Bowen lost 55 pounds through Slimming World, which focuses on what foods to buy and how to prepare them.

"I was tired of being the weight that I was," she said.

"It makes me feel like I've got my groove back. That's what it makes me feel like," said Alma Hall, who has lost 55 pounds in the past year and a half.

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