Woman Attacks Driver With Bat During Rush Hour

Man says woman followed him after he accidently cut her off

A driver said a woman with a baseball bat beat out his window in Dallas during Wednesday's morning commute.

Dallas police said the two cars got into an altercation along Interstate 30. Driver Jaime Torres said he merged into the HOV lane and accidentally cut off a silver Chevrolet sedan as he was heading to a doctor's appointment at Parkland Hospital.

"They got mad, they got pissed, they got everything," he said.

Torres said the car followed him until they were both forced to stop in traffic near downtown. Then the female passenger got out with a baseball bat in hand.

"This lady got down of the car, and she hit my window," Torres said.

The flying glass cut Torres' face in three places, but his injuries were not considered serious.

He said he didn't fight back because there was "no reason to fight with a woman, even a woman with a bat."

Dallas police say the bat-wielding woman could be charged with aggravated assault.

Torres, who is paying for repairs to his vehicle, and said, "Someday, they will pay."

Police are looking for the woman, who was in a four-door silver Chevy sedan with a "for sale" sign in a window.

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