Wine Me, Dine Me: Patry’s On Lovers Lane

Fit for a rendezvous

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A fireplace, Edith Piaf pumped through the speakers, the smell of fabulous French food -- welcome to Patry’s. It’s a quaint bistro off the beaten path on Lovers Lane in Dallas. Regulars rave about how “intimate” and “cozy” it is. It’s definitely a find for those of you in search of a place to take your date come Valentine’s Day.

“We get a lot of couples because of the intimate atmosphere,” co-owner Joni Patry told us.

Offering fantastic French food doesn’t hurt the ambience either. Owner Daniel Patry rattles off his favorite French classic entrees on the menu easily.

 “…carre d’ agreaux, which is herb crusted rack of lamb with sun-dried cherry port sauce, caneton au poivre vert ou a l’orange, which is half duck with green peppercorn or orange sauce and grenouilles a la lyonnaise, which is sautéed frog legs with onion, parsely and garlic in a brown butter sauce..."


And of course Patry’s serves escargot. Each little snail is drenched in a butter, garlic, herb and olive oil bath that’s divine. We recommend sopping up the extra oil with your bread. Sexy! For diners who aren’t as playful with their palate, Joni Patry suggests their signature steak entrée.

“The peppered steak is one of our signature dishes. Everyone loves it. It’s in a cream sauce and it’s so elegant and it’s spicy and it has the liqueurs in it that just spice it up and make it delicious,” described Patry.

Are you hungry yet? Oh, we get it. You’re hungry for love. Well take a chance on us and bring your significant (or insignificant) other to this cozy hideaway. We promise you’ll leave feeling as though you got lucky.

One more thing, at 1,200 square feet, Patry’s has a cut off of 38 people. So call ahead and reserve a spot, preferably by the fireplace ... or the bar.

If you can't get your date to the duck, why not bring the duck to the date? Click here to Gourmet Yourself with chef Dainel Patry's recipe.

4601 West Lovers Lane
Dallas, Texas

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