Wind, Water and Artwork Created by Nature

Turning trash into treasured art is how one man is expressing his green statement.

Artist William Lamson uses the things people throw away and the Earth's elements to create his environmental art, which was recently featured at The Marty Walker Gallery in Dallas.

"It's kind of a conceptual approach to green mentality both for recycled material, found objects," said Billy Zinser with the Marty Walker Gallery. "In the case of his new work, he's employing the forces of Mother Nature to actually create the work."

For the photography, video and drawing pieces in his "Automatic" exhibit, Lamson, an inventive artist who prefers to use trees or a windmill instead of more environmentally unfriendly tools to produce his works of art, built makeshift machines and let the elements take over to create the artwork.

For example, Lamson uses simple, weighted water bottles to create a drawing guided by the ocean tides and waves.

"He sets up the machines and then just allows either the wind or the ocean to take charge and create the work for him," said Zinser.

"In each instance, he sets up a makeshift machine out of found objects and recycled materials to execute a drawing in a different fashion for each machine," said Zinser.

You could call it a "MacGyver" approach to his artwork.

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