Will You ‘Like’ Your Local Walmart?


Walmart -- the giant retailer that sells underwear, fishing rods, bullets, fitness DVDs, LEGOs, and cheap produce -- is making a big push for you to "like" your local mega-shop.

The company is launching more than 3,500 store-specific Facebook pages in what they're calling the "My Local Walmart" Facebook application, which allows users to see deals, new products, and in-store events promoted at area locations.

In our neck of the woods (North Fort Worth), we've got three "local" Walmart's that could be vying for our Facebook feed space, but in other developing areas, you might have even more.

To show your feelings about your local Walmart, head to the "My Local Walmart" tab at this link -- facebook.com/Walmart -- and input your zip code. Then watch the Rollbacks roll into your news feed.

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