Why T.O. Needed To Go

I'm glad Terrell Owens was fired by the Dallas Cowboys.
T.O. never cared about winning, he cared about T.O.'s stats.
He used to say, "I don't care how many passes I catch, as long as we win.  But if we don't win then I'm gonna have a problem."
That is hogwash.  You can't qualify winning.
Should running back Marion Barber say, "I don't care if I only get 12 carries as long as we in?"  I don't see Demarcus Ware telling reporters, "If I don't get a sack in a game and we lose I'll have a problem."
You can't do that.  I T.O.'s world it was fine.  If you want individual glory in a sport, go play baseball.
Offseason Workout Ethic
It isn't news Owens didn't attend many voluntary workouts in the offseason.  He'd rather spent time in Miami Beach or sitting court side at NBA Playoff games. 
It is no wonder quarterback Tony Romo had more trust in tight end Jason Witten than Owens in crunch time.  They spent countless hours working together.
The day before training camp started in Oxnard, California, I was walking across the practice field to do my live shot for Channel 5.  Out trots Witten and Romo.  The two just ran routes.  They were spending time together working on their craft.
If Owens did that, I'd buy more of his complaints about the "buddy system" Romo and Witten had.

Toxic Relationships
T.O. has fans in the locker room.  He had enemies too.
Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett didn't like Owens constantly throwing him under the bus.  I agree with T.O. on some of Garrett's whacky play calls, but you can't keep going public with it as Owens did.
It was clear Owens and Garrett did not respect each other.  Owens is an influence on other players you don't want the Patrick Craytons, Sam Hurds, and Martellus Bennetts thinking T.O. whining and calling out coaches and teammates is the right way to win.
I don't care what is said, Romo and Owens are not tight.  They don't have a close relationship and it didn't look like it was going to improve.
Same Ol Story
You know, he can't get along with another offensive coordinator.  He's got issues with another quarterback.  Owens is a talent on the field, but he's a declining player who chirps way to much.
No other team is winning in the NFL with this type of stuff going on in their locker room.
Oh yeah, the Cowboys missed the playoffs WITH T.O.
I'm sure they can go 9-7 without him and his fingerpointing in 2009.
Newy Scruggs
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