Why Hasn't McCartney Sold Out JerryWorld?

He's a legend, a Beatle, the guy who co-wrote some of the best music ever -- so why are there still tickets available for Paul McCartney's show at JerryWorld?

LiveNation sent out a press release Tuesday afternoon saying there are less than 300 tickets left for McCartney's August 19 show at JerryWorld. Of course, this is after they released additional tickets, including standing-room-only, nomad-inducing "Party Passes," due to "overwhelming demand." Less than 300 tickets available the day before one of the biggest concerts of the year? What's going on?

Here are our wild and maybe not-so-crazy theories:

  1. People are saving their money for Rock Band: The Beatles. Why just watch Paul when you can be Paul?
  2. If you read the e-mail marketing backwards, it says "Paul is Dead."
  3. Now that he's 64, his fans neither need, nor feed Paul.
  4. Paul McCartney? He's like sooooo 1968.
  5. Ticketmaster doesn't accept food stamps.
  6. He's just missing something without Ringo.
  7. The folks that would go "just to see the stadium" have already been on a stadium tour.
  8. Two hours of Wings songs? You should pay me!
  9. There's only one Paul McCartney...there are three Jonas Brothers. Simple math.
  10. Maybe the tickets are too expensive...

Have your own theory? That's why we have comments...

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