Make Your Castle Smell Like a Sack of Sliders

If you have ever wanted to fill your home with the delectible aroma of steam-grilled onions and meat without setting foot in the kitchen, you just got your wish.

Fast-food hamburger chain White Castle is offering a slider-scented candle that, they say, smells just like their classic tiny hamburgers.

That news may be perfect for the thousands of Texans who love the tiny burgers but, sadly, can't enjoy them fresh of the grill as there are no White Castle locations in the Lone Star State. (Yes, they do sell them frozen in grocery stores ... but any White Castle purist will tell you it's just not the same.)

White Castle teamed up with Laura Slatkin, founder of Nest Fragrances -- often called the "queen" of home fragrances -- to introduce a candle with scent of America's first fast-food hamburger. The yummy-smelling candles are poured into a ceramic holder that looks just like a slider box.  It will look perfect on your dining room table.

White Castle is selling the $10 candles online, which is good since you can't get them in Texas any other way.  However, there was such a demand for the candles, that they sold out in their first two days.

"We're thrilled with the overwhelming customer response to our one-of-kind White Castle candle," said Jamie Richardson, vice president of corporate relations. "White Castle fans from around the country have responded so enthusiastically that our online inventory sold out in record time."

The kicker, proceeds from the sale of the candles go to the charity Austism Speaks.

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