Where Can I Find That Coupon?

I've received loads of questions lately on how to find Internet Printable (IP) coupons...I'm here to clear the confusion.

There are tons of ways to find the coupons you need - and most are on my favorite blogs. I love Hot Coupon World and A Full Cup - both sites have links to a "coupon database" that will find any coupon you want - for FREE! Some are IP's, while others may be locations in your weekly inserts, blinkies, tear pads, etc. Check them out if you're on the search for a specific coupon!

I also like Slick Deals, here is a link to find loads of IP coupons - they're only a click away!

If you are required to enter any information prior to printing a coupon, always be sure to use a separate email address instead of your own. That way, you can control the amount of junk email you receive & keep it all in one place!

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