Where We Were: Beer Dinner @ Central 214

It's a bitter job, but someone had to cover the Central 214 Brooklyn Brewery Beer Dinner, so we buzzed over and were anything but disappointed. We spied the newly remodeled patio (so posh) and had a convo with Chef Blythe Beck about her new late night menu and summer cocktails. It was a delicious night to say the least!

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Annie Potasznik
Ah yes, the perfect pour courtesy of Central 214 and The Brooklyn Brewery.
Annie Potasznik
With its smooth finish, the Brooklyn Lager apertif set the flavorful tone of the beer dinner.
Annie Potasznik
Bacon wrapped prawns atop a sticky bed of jalapeño grits with apple gastrique was impeccably paired with Brooklyn Local 1.
Former Associated Press Middle East Correspondent Steve Hindy and banker Tom Potter quit their jobs and started The Brooklyn Brewery in 1987.
Annie Potasznik
The duck confit stuffed mushroom with fig and Local 2 reduction was paired with Brooklyn Local 2.
Annie Potasznik
Chef Beck came out to check on guests, asking emphatically in her distinct, booming voice, "Are you all sure you got enough to eat?"
Annie Potasznik
The chimichurri rubbed skirt steak, cilantro Texmati rice, crispy plantains and spicy bean black puree was paired with East India Pale Ale. The ale, with its traditional hoppy taste, offset the spicy entrée perfectly.
Annie Potasznik
In 1996, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giulinani cut the ribbon to open the brewery in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood.
Annie Potasznik
Sour cherry tiramisu was paired with Black Chocolate Stout. Uuum.
Annie Potasznik
The vibe was intimate as guests noshed on Chef Beck's specially crafted four course menu paired with the perfect pours.
Annie Potasznik
Here's the menu for those of you who missed it.
Annie Potasznik
Ah yes, the perfect pour.
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