Where CAN You Smoke In DFW?

With all the cities jumping onboard the “smoking ban”-wagon, smokers have fewer safe havens to light up in. Luckily for most nicotine lovers, there are still places to puff.

Some bars have smoking bans if they’re attached to a restaurant, or make more than 30% of their profit from food. Still, bars are one of the best places to go to have a smoke with friends. Specific cigar bars like the Whiskey Bar in Lower Greenville are often heavy with smokers and great for lighting up a stogie.

Nightclubs don’t fall under most city bans, so they’re usually placing ashtrays on every flat surface to cope with the influx of smokers.

Tobacco Shops
Not only can you smoke there, you probably should. Tobacco shops have many choices beyond your corner market and often have rooms devoted to trying out different products.

Bowling Alleys
Though both Dallas and Fort Worth have banned lighting up in these traditionally smoky environments, few other cities have followed suit.

Your Own Backyard
No matter what the city says, you’re still able to smoke on your own property, giving you a comfortable – and friendly – place to light up. Invite a few friends over, put on some tunes, and make sure you have something to ash into.

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