Whataburger's New Ads Won't Be “Just Like You Like It”

Whataburger will drop iconic voice actor in new marketing

For the last nine years, Whataburgers have been "Just Like You Like It" -- at least in the ad campaign.

Coming soon, though, is a whole new campaign designed around the "how" of the Whataburger, and they've 86'd the gravel-toned actor that gave a voice to that omniscient narrator who assured you, even if you wanted BBQ and mayo on your buns, it'd turn out the way you like.

Next week, the hamburger chain will take a "substantial new approach" to marketing, according to what marketing group director Rich Scheffler told the Houston Chronicle. The "new approach" will have customers and Whataburger employees doing the voice work, describing what makes the chain special.

"I can't have hard feelings. It was a very nice meal ticket for all those years," the soon-to-be former "Whataburger Guy," 75-year-old William H. Bassett, commented to the Chronicle.

We wonder how many of those tickets he swapped for Whataburgers.

Bassett will still find work in other voice jobs, including reading audio books. But don't expect the "Whataburger Guy" to read Fast Food Nation -- the Southern accent and added gravel is just an act.

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