What You're Doing Tonight: May 6

THEY'RE ALL LAUGHING AT YOU: After literally months of agonizing rounds of competition (agonizing because the jokes were so bad, ZING) the Addison Improv is ready to crown the Funniest Comic in Dallas. Though we're unclear who's the favorite to win this competition, the finale should be a blast of talented comedians from the 214. 8 p.m. at Addison Improv.

STADIUM SEATING IS SOOOO 1997: You could throw your cash away at one of those fancy schmancy IMAX 3D screens, or you could do something unique for your Wednesday night flix fix.

Case 1: University of Texas at Arlington will turn their planetarium into a huge movie screen. Then they'll project WALL-E (one of our favorites from the last Summer movie season) for only $2. Film at 6 p.m.

Case 2: If you've been itching to bust out that bikini, you'll want to be poolside at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas for their free outdoor movies. As the sun sets, the Belmont will screen "classic" films out under the stars. We'd understand if they ran "Jaws" (a "dive-in" movie staple), but our sources say it might be "Nacho Libre." Huh...who's defining classic?

525,600 MINUTES: When we were still fighting off the theatre bug, many of our thespian friends couldn't get "Rent" out of their heads...particularly "Seasons of Love." We can only expect those memories to come rushing back when we head out to the Music Hall in Fair Park for the 8 p.m. performance. "Five hundred twenty-five thousand..." Damn, it's stuck in our head again.

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