7/16: Garden Party, They Aren't Headlining, This is Funny

An eco-chic Garden party, punk-rock legends that aren't the top bill, and "America's Funnyman" pulls a Kaufman on DFW.

GARDEN PARTY: "Neighborhood Night" at Gardens in the West Village should be a place for "fun, networking, and a good time" (says store manager Kevin Brown), but we're more excited to see the eco-chic raincoats made from reclaimed industrial materials. Check out Lisa's article on the shindig here, or just show up for the 6 p.m. event.

BUT THEY AREN'T HEADLINING?: Rancid, the punk rock legends that helped bring back that classic "Clash-like" sound in the '90s are playing the Palladium tonight in Dallas...but they're not the headliner. Rise Against, the not legendary band, is the top bill with Rancid and Billy Talent as support starting at 6:30 p.m. Don't be surprised if a large group of folks bail on the final set after hearing Rancid's.

THIS IS FUNNY: Folks looking for your average stand-up will be disappointed in Neil Hamburger. His timing is off, his material is just two-line setups, and he's clearing his throat through the whole act -- but it's still pretty hilarious. We see Hamburger as a post-modern Andy Kaufman -- and Hamburger's appearances on "Tim and Eric Awesome Show -- Great Job!" and "Free Radio" may just be the Kafka moments that keep Hamburger in the spotlight. Catch him at The Cavern in Dallas at 11 p.m.

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