What You Need to Know About IBC

Inflammatory Breast Cancer, or IBC, is a rare form of breast cancer which often goes undiscovered or is even misdiagnosed by some doctors.

 Flower Mound resident, Stacy Heath , 34,  was diagnosed with stage-3 IBC, in January 2009.

“It’s only about 5 percent of cancers, but accounts for about 25 percent of breast cancer deaths,” Heath said.

Heath first noticed changes to her breast in October, but after a mammogram found no sign of cancer, she waited 3 more months before making another appointment.

“I felt too good to have cancer,” Health said, “There was no way I ever thought ‘oh my gosh I've got cancer."

IBC often lacks a characteristic lump.

Instead, symptoms include redness, swelling, and flattening of the nipple.

“Breast cancer is not just an older person’s disease, and it’s not just a lump,” Heath said,  “You need to be in charge of your own health care.” 

Health is now trying to raise awareness about IBC, while raising money to find a cure.

She and about thirty of her friends are taking part in the Tarrant County Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

“When breast cancer touched my life, it was an immediate actionable way to get involved,” Heath explained,  “It’s getting the message out there, we need to fight it and we need to fight it together.”

Heath's group will walk the one mile Fun Run Saturday, and has already raised $3,000 for breast cancer research.

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