What To Do When You're Iced In

Just because it's icy doesn't mean you have to have a bad day. Here are some suggestions to thaw the icy weather boredom.

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Schools and businesses are closed (click here for a complete list), roads are icy, and we've got some of the coldest temps in decades -- still, that doesn't mean you have to have a bad day. Here are some suggestions to thaw the icy weather boredom.
You, Me, and DVD If you're like us, you've got plenty of unwatched movies from the holiday gift giving season and today is the perfect time to Snuggie up and try out that new HDTV set. We recommend sliding in your favorite comedies instead of that period drama; why add to your seasonal affective disorder with a depressing series of flicks?
Game On! If your significant other or kids are stuck in, dig through those board games to revive your Scrabble addiction. With a well placed W, "weather" could score a lot higher than the current temperatures. Video gamers also have a great day to enjoy the fruits of the holiday season, or a game you've just gotten behind on -- if we weren't writing this article, our mitts would be beating New Super Mario Brothers Wii levels.
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Esther, I Hardly Even Know Her Here's one for you sensitive types: dial up that relative you didn't get to see over the holiday season. Not only would you make their day, you could learn something new about your family -- like that time your mom tried to sneak out the second story window, only to get her favorite pants caught on the tree. True story? Only Aunt Esther knows the truth.
Just Like Being There Technology is a wonderful thing. Pull up an iChat or Skype video conference call with your buddies similarly iced in, and you'll be having a Pentium party sure to be mixed with a lot of laughs. A great video conference game (if you can't see yourself in the preview window) is to write a famous character on a card, stick it to your forehead and see if you can guess. You can tell we just saw Tarantino's latest, huh?
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Now You're Cooking If you've got the ingredients, now's the time cook try your hand at that cookbook collecting dust on the shelf. At worst, you'll come out with a dish that only one person has to try; at best, you'll have a new standby to add to your repertoire. Need recipes? Our Gourmet Yourself section is perfect for that!
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Seuss Inspired In my hands, I have a nook. In the nook, there is a book. If I do not wish to cook, I will look at the book in the nook.
The Ultimate Mixtape Another technological wonder, the MP3 lets you compress thousands of songs on an itty bitty music player. Still, you may not want to hear your Patsy Cline collection next to the latest from Telegraph Canyon. This is the time to organize your media into perfect playlists for any occasion. We had DJ Lucy Wruble to give us New Year's Eve tracks, but it's a great idea to build out that workout list today -- your resolution to "excercise more" will be better for it.
Stay Informed Cue the promotion: NBCDFW.com is definitely the best place to check for the information you'll need when the roads don't look like a skating rink. Case your vote in our Golden Local debate, check out what's happening Around Town, or just make sure junior really doesn't have to finish his homework with our School Closings page.
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