What $150k Buys You Around the World

Has the recession sent your spending power out the window? Fear not: You can get a landscaped five-bedroom villa near the ocean in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa

Maybe you were getting ready to buy a home, but then you got laid off. Perhaps you have a home, but you're selling it and steeling yourself for the big fat loss. Either way, it's always good to know you have a Plan B -- and five bedrooms with a kickass bougainvillea-laden terrazzo outdoor dining room sounds like a pretty good Plan B.

That pad is on the East Cape of South Africa, but Matador Life's roundup of residences you can snap up around the world for around $150,000 offers plenty of variety. Are you more of a Mediterranean type? Then park it in your three-bedroom, four-balcony nest next to the yacht marina in gorgeous Istria, Croatia, and slap down what's left over for a boat. And if you want to get all Eat, Pray, Love about it, head to Bali. There, a sprawling villa with banana trees and a split-level swimming pool (what?) awaits -- for just $107,000.

See these and more cheapish escapes at the Matador Life site.

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