Welcome to Play

Hey there, DFWers. With so many different events happening around the area, it can be hard to pick which one warrants your awesomeness. Enter: Play, The Feast's resident night owl, dedicated to giving you the lowdown on the latest local happenings after dark. Our favorite activities include uncovering fresh, creative ways to explore the city, running all over town in search of the latest parties and events (field work, someone's got to do it) and letting our friends in on the fun.

Each morning, we highlight the standout moment of the night before, breaking it down for those of you who might have turned in early. Never ones to dwell on the past, we’re also giving you the skinny on the coolest events happening after 5 p.m. and catching up with local tastemakers, like Double Wide music booker Cha Cha, for The Curator video series. How's that for diving right in? Whether your thing is a midnight movie at the Inwood Theatre, free laughs at the Dallas Comedy Club in Deep Ellum, or swilling Shiners to the rhythms of the latest Pitchfork darlings at the Granada, we've got the hook up and -- you're in luck! -- we feel like sharing.

But we also feel like hearing from you. Keep up with us on Foursquare and follow us on Twitter! Have a hot tip or complaint for us? Or maybe you just want to give us a virtual high-five, fist bump, or hell, even a hug? Sweet. Shoot us an email and let's get it done, DFW. Welcome to Play.

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