Free Sushi Wednesdays Offer Cheap Dates

Free sushi means more money for booze.

The next time you have a hot date but can’t break the bank (you know, boo-hoo the economy) schedule it for a Wednesday evening. That’s when Dallas Fish Market in Downtown and Steel off Oaklawn offer free sushi. That’s right -- no hard-earned bankroll required. However, a couple of rules do apply -- c’mon nothing in life is ever free…

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from both restaurants nice enough to offer such a raw deal in hard times. All they ask is that you buy a couple of cocktails (or Shirley Temples). Also, it’s common courtesy to clean your plate. Lest you forget about infamous sushi bars in East Asia known for cutting off a finger for each piece of uneaten sashimi left behind -- just kidding. However it’s not uncommon for some sushi houses to charge diners per uneaten roll. This isn’t the case at either restaurant though, so enjoy, you big spender you.

3102 Oak Lawn
Free sushi Wednesdays at Steel are still going strong after several years. This means two things -- get there early and bring business cards. It’s quite the little mix n’ mingle joint. Groups of four or more are encouraged to call and make a reservation well in advance for a chance at table seating. If you’re alone (lame) or eating with a buddy, get there before 5:30 p.m. and snag a choice spot at the sushi bar. If all else fails, post up at the back bar as you wait where the $5 martinis help time flow by.

Dallas Fish Market
1501 Main
There’s a three-hour window starting at 5 p.m. for diners to stuff their faces. Expect full prices as soon as that window closes. The upside to having sushi on the house at Dallas Fish Market is that the house itself is impressive. It’s more open and you don’t have to fight for a table like a ‘80s mom at Toys Я Us during the infamous Cabbage Patch Doll checkout wars -- the horror!

Insider’s Tip: Oishii offers ½ priced bottles of wine on Wednesdays and $1 sushi bites on Tuesdays from 5 p.m.-7 p.m.
2525 Oak Lawn

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