Warmer Weather Heats Up Super Bowl Festivities

Right along with the weather, parties at Sundance Square heat up

The crowds Sundace Square had wanted the entire Super Week finally showed up on a warmer Saturday.

With close to 50 degree tempertures, the weather felt like paradise compared to the single digit tempertures that hit North Texas early in the week.

With the rise in temperatures came a rise in attendance as fans came out in droves to see the temporary home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Steelers fans let the team know they were in town -- taunting anyone and everyone in sight.

"The champs are here! We are here in Texas and we going to win #7! In your house!" shouted one Steeler fan.

The energy at Sundance Square was palpable.

Meanwhile, the Taste of the NFL, one of the final events before the big game, also kicked off in Fort Worth.

"The goal of the Taste of the NFL this year is raise over a million dollars and I think we are going to do it his year. First time ever so it's a great time to do it on the 20th anniversery," said Former Dallas Cowboy and Super Bowl winner, Chad Hennings.

More than 50 chefs from around the country and North Texas participated in the event. Proceeds benefit North Texas Food Banks.

Kent Rathbun, executive chef for Abacus in Dallas and Dean Fearing of Fearing's were among the local chefs participating in the event.

More than 3,500 people attended the event that has been sold out for months.

While signing autographs, Hennings said the night before the big game is nerveracking for the players.

"All the butterflies are flying and a lot of guys are laying there right now thinking, 'Oh my God, I'm really here. It's really going to happen,'" he said. "And then once they take that first hit tomorrow, it's just like any other game."

By all accounts, Super Bowl XLV is going to be a close game.

"I'm an NFC guy. I'm going for Green Bay," Henning's said.

"They did me right. They came to the restaurant on Thursday, filled up my restaurant so I'm going for the Steelers," Rathbun said.

The night before the Super Bowl is everyone remains a winner.

"It is incredible out here tonight!" said Ron Kuchera, who traveled from Pennsylvania but is orginally from Wisconsin.

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