Want This: Shady Deals

Your D&G's deserve better than wet sand and ketchup stains.

Raise your right hand and repeat the following:  “I will not bring my designer sunglasses to the lake, to the beach or to family barbeques.”

Come summer, the sun is shinin’ and the parties are plentiful, but your D&G’s deserve better than wet sand and ketchup stains.  Allow us to suggest a few toddler and volleyball-friendly alternatives that don’t sacrifice chic for cheap.

Forever 21 is like the pot of gold at the end of the bargain fashion rainbow.  We love their Plaid Cateye and translucent Butterfly shades.  Both are $5.80 - as in, “Sure Jimmy, you can let Fluffy try ‘em on!”  Find ‘em online or at NorthPark Center.

Accents in the West Village is a one stop shop for summer accessories.  By ordering limited quantities, this gem of a boutique also guarantees that you won’t run into your fashion doppel gänger on the street.  Snap up a pair of futuristic Tom Ford-esque shades by CTS in black, brown, white, red or purple for just $16.

In the “goes with everything” category, Urban Outfitters’ Animal Sunglasses  will take you from pool party to cocktail party to after party without missing a beat.  For $20 online and at Mockingbird Station.  Urban’s selection of shades for men – love the Cross Bar Aviator – is also right on the (not much) money.

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