Mod Men

We've got the modern furniture fix to turn your living room into a mid-century time machine

SPACE AGE: Filling their shop with furniture and accessories from the 1930's through 2000, Sputnik Modern (1901 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas 75206) even includes a piece from famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright -- it's a modern mahogany cabinet, if you're curious. Their website is easy to drill down to the period, creator, or category you're looking for, making that search for Art Deco table lamps from the '30s that much easier.

MODERN IN ELLUM: Any retro/vintage furniture store with microphones in the inventory gets our special tip of the hat (it's because we're Orson Wells fans) so it's natural that Century Modern (2928 Main St. Dallas, 75226) in Deep Ellum gets our special attention -- besides the microphones, they've got vintage vacuums, modern tables and storage, and even an adding machine.

TWO 'BEAUTIFUL' OPTIONS: Zuri Furniture, with two locations in the DFW area (Dallas and Frisco), has an excellent selection of stylish bedroom options, plus some really fun office pieces that we could totally see ourselves buying when we get out of the cube farm. In any case, the selection is the biggest draw -- digging through the online catalog took out half-an-hour of our day. We only stopped because we have a deadline...

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