Want This: Handmade Linens From Europe

Plus a clear complexion without hours of make-up

HEAVENLY SLEEP: Handmade linens from Europe? Just the sound of it seems heavenly. So it’s good that the Antique Stop, in Plano, is now carrying the complete European sleep system, which includes a variety of antique and handmade linens. But be forewarned, once you experience the extraordinary feel of just one piece of bedding, you’ll be hooked. Check out their website to browse their full selection.

CLEAR SKIN: Brown spots: be gone! Make-up artist and licensed esthetician Julianna Pabst, can get rid of the sun damage on your face, as well as acne scars and dead skin. Julianna's treatment room, located at Imagique Hair & Spa Salon is very comfortable and her main goal is to make you happy. Visit Julianna’s website for more details.

CHIC SNEAKS: Who says you can't be sporty and cute at the same time? Rock these chic fashion sneaks with your warm-up suits for a very girly yet sporty look.  $98; available at Neiman Marcus Online.

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