Want This: Sunblock Built Into Clothing

Plus Darphin's detox body treatments and a chance to give back to fashion

BLOCKING: Although sun block is a must in these 100+ days in Texas, wouldn’t it be neat if your clothes protected you too? Cover Clothing’s has a stylish line of shirts, dresses, skirts, wraps, sleeved hoods…just about everything that all protect you from the suns harmful rays by supplying SPF 50 protection in the fabric. Perfect to throw on at the pool or at a picnic. All pieces are between $40 and $160.

DETOX: Lose weight without setting one foot in a gym. For a limited time, The Face Place will be giving Darphin’s Black Pepper Slim and Detox body treatments. Services include exfoliating massages and warm body mask that in 90 minutes drain toxins and decreases water retention, thereby decreasing your weight. 5460 West Lovers Lane, suite 238;(214)-350-8898

GIVE BACK: Fashion Benefiting Youth Artists, a nonprofit group that mentors young urban artist will be hosting “The Blues for Youth” day at The Blues Jean Bar in Snider Plaza on Thursday, July 16, from 6-8 p.m. The store will donate five percent of the day’s total earnings to FBYA and will also be offering a 10 percent discount during the event. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the reason some young fashion artist gets their feet off the ground.

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