Want This: A Solar Powered Laptop Bag

Plus a summer sidewalk sale and an amazing gym

SALE: Krimson & Klover , named “Best New Boutique” by Lucky Magazine, is hosting a summer sidewalk sale to celebrate the end of summer, which is rapidly approaching. You can pick up spring and summer items for up to 60% off, and the best part: happy hour will last all week for a sip while you shop experience.

WORKOUT: Get ready for the best news of the day. Champion4Fitness , which just opened at Shops at Starwood in Frisco, is not just another gym. Check this. The facility includes a sports apparel retail boutique with lines such as Sergio Tacchini, Tail, and Fila. Need I say more?

SUNNY: Although it is vacation time and you shouldn’t need to pull the laptop out at the beach, things do come up. And when they do, it’d be best to have Shayne McQuade’s solar-powered laptop bag which will convert sun rays into power for your computer (and most other handheld electronics). The laptop case is available at New York’s Museum of Modern Arts store’s website.

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