Walmart to Tweak Its Popular Generic Brand

Retail giant Walmart has seen a jump in sales of its generic store brand. To ride the wave, the company says it plans to add new generic products and improve it.

The Arkansas-based company said it will change the formula of more than 700 "Great Value" products and change the packaging. But the price won't change, the company said.

A Walmart spokesman said North Texas stores can expect to see the first of the new packaged products soon. Ice cream will be in freezers in time for the start of spring, he said.

Shoppers at several Walmarts said they buy the generic brand for the savings.

"It's always cheaper," said Veronica Lara, an Oak Cliff resident who was shopping with her sister, Monica, in Dallas. "The store brand is always cheaper than Kraft, or whatever name brands I'd be buying."

Walmart is also hoping to keep customers loyal to its generic brand by improving the taste.

"I would still buy the off-brand," Monica Lara said. "I wouldn't switch it. It tastes the same to me." 

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