Walgreens Experience – Another One Bites the Dust

I went to Walgreens...again. And I had a not-so-pleasant experience...again. Am I alone here? Why me?

I was attempting to purchase 4 Garnier (please, no applause for my amazing restraint), 2 Lasting Impressions, and some Revlon nail files. Nothing over the top - or so I thought.

I check out in Beauty (Why? Because I found out that the Beauty employees receive extra cash for me purchasing Beauty items & checking out in Beauty. Just trying to help 'em out!) The cashier rings up my items & I proceed to give her my coupons. She kind of looks at me funny & starts to scan the Walgreens Easy Saver Book. Ok....

She skipped the Lasting Impressions one, so I calmy remind her to scan it as well. She tells me, "It's already on sale so I don't have to scan it."  Huh?

I explain that while it's on sale, the Easy Saver Book is still applicable. She disagrees but scans it anyway, expecting it to beep. It does not. She pauses & then resumes.

I hand her my manufacturer coupons. She tells me she can't take them. (Note: this is where I should have followed my instinct & walked away...but I had 30 minutes left of my lunch break. Why not spend that arguing with the lady in Beauty?)

I explain that I have been shopping at Walgreens for years & I have never heard of this *new* policy. She nods & says, "Well, it's the policy. Do you still want this stuff?"

One word...NO.

The old Amy would have asked to speak to the manager, who no doubt, made up this new rule. The new-and-improved Amy smiles, gathers her coupons, and exits the store.

She yells after me, "Try another Walgreens. They'll take 'em!"

Bad idea. Very bad idea.

I turn around & calmy walk back. "If you know another Walgreens will take my coupons, should I assume that this Walgreens is not interested in my business?"

She smiles & responds, "I guess."

I give up.

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