Waiter Tells Customers to Move if They Won't Spend More Money

Popular Tex-Mex restaurant in Dallas apologizes for printed card asking diners to move.

Customers at a popular Dallas Tex-Mex restaurant said their waiter asked them to move because they weren't spending enough money.

Diners at Mi Cocina in West Village said they were presented with a printed card asking them to move if they weren't going to spend any more money.

"I don't know what to say to that," said Mi Cocina customer Ashley Rigsby. "That's pretty bad. I think I would not go back."

Another diner said he would be insulted to be asked to move.

"It's just rude to do that to customers," another woman said.

But Charlie Magee, another customer, said he could understand the waiter's point of view.

"I've been on the other side as a waiter, and you have so many tables, and if someone sits there forever not eating anything, you can't make a living," Magee said.

Greg Good, the CEO of M Crowd Restaurant Group, the restaurant's owner, called the waiter's action "a serious, embarrassing blunder."

The card reads, "As we are in the restaurant business, if you are sitting at this table without eating or drinking -- during peak hours -- we may ask you to sit at another table."

Good said the cards were printed under the previous CEO and were rarely used.

"This is an egregious screw-up," Good said. "We are completely and totally embarrassed it happened and promise you it will never happen again."

One Mi Cocina customer said he was glad to hear the restaurant apologized.

"It looks like they are taking the right steps to fix it," he said.

Good said has asked the customers who were given the card to meet him at the restaurant so he can apologize in person.

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