Wait. The Rangers Are In First Place!?!?

So I was up late last night watching the Texas Rangers game against the Oakland A's. Since it was a west coast game, it was on pretty late. I knew the Rangers had strung together a modest four-game winning streak, and thought to myself, 'maybe this team can put together a nice little run, to get near the top of the division.' 

Then, the surprise game, as Francisco Rodriguez recorded the last out, Rangers play-by-play announcer Josh Lewin yelled, "the Rangers win! And are in first place in the A.L. West!!"

Initially, I thought I was hearing things, because the Nyquil I took to fall asleep started to kick in, and I was trying to fight it off. But sure enough, I hopped online, and there it was: 1) Rangers 15-12,  2) Seattle 15-14.

I remember just a few days prior Newy and I were talking about them reaching .500. I guess I didn't realize first place was that close to being a reality. I'm not going to be Mr. Negative Newy here, (or is that Negative Nancy?). But I'm going wait just a bit longer to anoint OUR Rangers as serious contenders. As soon as the Angels get healthy, and the Rangers pitching turns around, then maybe I'll start to believe.

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