Wade Phillips Keeps Drawing Critics

Wade Phillips can't get a break in the media, not like he deserves one after that sorry 9-7 season he coached the Cowboys to in 2008.

Uncle Wade showed up at the NFL owners meeting this week and his words just didn't pass the smell test.

The media are just firing shots at him..and it's fair, in my opinion.

The Sporting News says he's too thin skinned, "At one point during Wednesday's NFC coaches breakfast, a Buffalo writer asked Wade Phillips if Terrell Owens is sometimes judged unfairly because of his reputation.

"Yup," Phillips sniffed. "Kind of like being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys."

Don Banks of SI.com was not impressed by Wade's media session, "Spent part of my morning Wednesday with Cowboys coach Wade Phillips, he of the Jerry Jones-imposed gag order for much of this offseason. And now I can see why they gagged him in the first place. Much of what Phillips offered up at the NFC head coaches media breakfast didn't pass the sniff test."

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