Wade Phillips Is Great

I love Wade Phillips the person. I question Wade Phillips the coach. But, uncle Wade is classic! Here's guy who presided over the most dysfunctional team in the league. Not to mention the biggest group of underachievers in franchise history. He was attacked by the media all year. None of us thought he'd have a job if the Cowboys didn't make the Super Bowl. Yet, Dallas didn't make the playoffs, and here's Wade still standing and still firing up the media.

I can't figure out if Wade's smart enough to say and do all of these things just tick off us off. He's blames us for just about everything. And, he's pretty sensitive to critique. But I love how he says all of this anyway, knowing how angry a handful of local media members get.

If Jerrah's done one thing right this off season it's end the gag order he imposed on Phillips. Which, uncle Wade claims the "don't talk" edict was his idea. One, because he had to (NFL rules). Two, because Wade keeps saying hilarious things, and we have something talk about until football starts.  

Thank you Wade, for being Wade.

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