Victory Park – Has it Lived up to all of the Hype?

Victory Park has been called one of Dallas’ best achievements. This gorgeous, 75-acre community boasts beautiful residences, outstanding hotels, upscale shopping, trendy restaurants and the best Dallas entertainment, and that’s just for starters!

Often referred to as the centerpiece of the “new” Dallas, which is located on the west side, Victory Park is a source of tremendous potential for new construction and a revitalized community.

A fine example of the success of the construction industry in Victory Park is the W Dallas and the House by Starck & yoo. These exceptional addresses boast some of the finest residential condominiums in Dallas, if not Texas.

The key location of Victory Park has also been masterfully designed, as it is linked to many of Dallas’ main areas, including Uptown, Downtown, the Arts District and Turtle Creek. It is also conveniently located near many of Dallas’ landmarks, including the Dallas Convention Center and the Dallas Market Center.

The Problem with Victory Park

Although the concept of Victory Park seemed invincible, there seems to be one, major flaw: it’s just too high-end for many Dallas residents. Considering that other, nearby neighborhoods, such as North Henderson Avenue and West Village, are as popular as ever, it becomes very clear that Victory Park simply missed the mark. And many Dallas residents aren’t very happy about it.

Because Victory Park was largely funded by taxpayers, it stirs up quite a few emotions from the residents who paid for it. Ross Perot’s vision for Victory Park meant that the casual restaurants and retailers that many residents have grown to love were simply cast aside for their more upscale counterparts.

As a result, many of the posh retailers of Victory Park have left due to -what else - a lack of business. The streets are deserted and the taxpayers are fuming.

It is therefore up to Hillwood, Victory Park’s real estate firm, to realize that, in order to make Victory Park the success that it was intended to be, more affordable restaurants and retailers will need to gradually take the place of the ritzy establishments currently struggling to turn a profit.

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