The Programs of the Dallas Regional Chamber

The Dallas Regional Chamber promotes and organizes a variety of programs which encourage job growth, business growth and economic vitality, just to name a few. Many of the programs of the Chamber encourage the relocation of businesses into the region, and also facilitate current businesses in many different areas.

The following business programs are part of the Dallas Regional Chamber:

  • Economic Development Program - This program serves as the first point of contact for companies, site selection consultants and corporate real estate executives who are looking to move into the region. This program also works with other cities and economic development organizations when dealing with location and expansion in the Dallas metropolitan region.
  • Government Relations - This program serves a voice for the business community in and around Dallas and represents their business interests in public policy and civic arenas. This is accomplished by tracking legislative issues and advocating for business interests at the local, state and federal government levels. Several events also enable Dallas Regional Chamber members to meet with government officials through special events.
  • Technology Business Development - This programs mission is designed to “develop, promote and sustain the greater Dallas area as a global leader in technology, talent, innovation, integration and manufacturing. ” This program enables business leaders to come together and address issues that directly affect themselves and other industries in the region. Many of the programs are designed to address cutting-edge topics, entrepreneurial resources, public policy legislation, high-level networking and briefings, just to name a few.
  • International Business Development - This program is designed to “unite and engage the international business community” and to promote the region’s global presence and growth. This program provides a unique opportunity for Dallas-area companies to develop trade opportunities with foreign companies and encourage expansion decisions. It also educates companies on state and federal regulatory and legislative issues that impact the region’s growth.
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