Seller Tips: Don't Ignore your Outdoor Spaces!

We often spend most of our time fixing up, cleaning up and sprucing up our indoor spaces, while our outdoor spaces are left screaming for a little attention.

If this best describes your home, then perhaps it’s time to give your exterior the tender loving care it desperately needs before listing it for sale.

Let’s face it: a home with curb appeal is far more likely to get noticed and to receive potential buyers than a home with a neglected exterior and yard. With this in mind, it is time to roll up your sleeves, don a good pair of gloves and get to work:

  • If the exterior of your home is dingy or dirty, consider renting a pressure washer. A high-powered pressure washer will quickly and easily remove surface dirt and grime from your home. It also works great on shutters, trim, gutters and downspouts.
  • If the pressure washer didn’t do the trick and your home’s trim and shutters look worn and faded, a quick coat of paint is sure to spruce them up.
  • Always make sure your grass is mowed and the weeds are pulled. If the season permits, thrown down new grass seed to fill in bare spots.
  • Don’t forget your plant and flower beds, either. Pull weeds and lay down a thick layer of mulch to cut back on weeds and instantly spruce up your beds. Consider planting a few, inexpensive and colorful annuals to give your front yard a punch of color.
  • Cut back any low-hanging tree branches so that your home can be easily viewed from the road.
  • The first things your potential buyers will be looking at are your house numbers, so change them out with new, updated ones.
  • Give your light post, mailbox and fence a fresh coat of paint for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Add pots of annuals near the front door to welcome guests into your Highland Park home.
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