Seller Tips: Depersonalizing your Home for a Quick Sale

Depersonalizing is a bit like taking off excessive jewelry and leaving just a few, sparkling pieces. You can better focus on the sparkling pieces - in this instance, the home’s features - when the extraneous is removed.

The following tips will guide you when depersonalizing your Highland Park real estate and showing off its best qualities:

  1. Eliminate boldly painted walls and wallpaper. The bright red walls of your living room and the floral wallpaper in your bathroom may be exactly what you envisioned your home to look like, but it may be a bit too specific for the general buying public. The theme throughout this article is “neutral.” You must remain neutral so that you can appeal to a larger audience. And that includes wall colors and wall coverings.
  2. Eliminate excess photos. Your wall of photographs in your living room is very special -and very specific - to you. Potential home buyers need to imagine themselves in your home, and that may be a bit hard to accomplish when a wall of your family photos stares them in the face. A few family photos can be kept, as they give the home a warm, welcoming feeling. It is best, however, to eliminate the majority of personal photographs before showing your home.
  3. Eliminate religious items. Once again, potential home buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, and your personal, religious items may not reflect their religious beliefs. Therefore, it is in your best interest to remove any items with religious meaning.
  4. Eliminate your collection of knick knacks. Your Elvis plate collection may be your pride and joy, but the only thing it will do is detract from the home’s features. Eliminating personal items not only depersonalizes your home, but also eliminates excess clutter, as well.
  5. Clean up the toys and pet items. These items can easily distract a buyer from the home’s features, and quickly clutter any room. Hide and/or neatly organize toys to eliminate this problem.
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