Residential Tear-Downs still a Hot Topic in Highland Park

Highland Park is arguably one of the most upscale residential areas in Dallas, if not the state of Texas. It’s no surprise that Highland Park luxury homes are highly coveted and sought after.

In fact, many Dallas professionals, and much of the Dallas elite, call Highland Park home. It is because of this that the land in Highland Park is just as valuable - or perhaps more valuable - than the homes. As a result, there has been a surge of residential tear-downs, as homeowners purchase older properties, only to tear them down in favor of more luxurious estate homes.

There are more than a few residents of Highland Park, however, that see the pace of residential tear-downs as greatly impacting the historic value of the homes and the neighborhood.

Town Hall Faces off Against Historically Minded Residents

As a result, a group of Highland Park residents are urging Town Hall to consider slowing down the pace of residential tear-downs. Although the Highland Park Town Council originally voted against the historically minded residents, these residents have not given up the fight.

Some of the persons who spoke at the Town Meeting identified that nearly two-thirds of Highland Park’s original homes have been torn down. The council members, however, voiced concern about limiting a homeowner’s right to handle their property as they please.

The Highland Park luxury home market is soaring, due in part to the residential tear-downs. Often referred to as “McMansions,” it’s not uncommon to see older, stately homes being torn down and replaced with extravagant estate homes.

Concerns over Property Owner Rights

The concerned residents have stated that many other communities have the same type of concern, and that there have been measures taken to preserve the heritage of these towns.

The council made a comment that they were “uncomfortable with the town playing the role of decision maker.”

As a result, the council members voted against the plan out of fear of “eroding the rights of private property owners.”

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