Realtor Tips: How to Help your Seller Prepare for an Open House or Showing

Preparing your sellers for the challenges of showing their home is often an over-looked aspect of being a seller’s agent.

Most sellers, particularly if this is their first time selling a home, are not aware that many things can influence the sale of their Coppell home, including open houses and showings.

Open House by Wishingline.

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Open houses and showings are, of course, prime opportunities for sellers to wow potential buyers and make a sale, yet too often sellers jeopardize their chances of getting their house sold by things they do and things they don’t do. The following tips should be discussed with your sellers when it comes time to show their home:

  1. Remain flexible about times and dates. Inform them that there will likely be those “last minute” showings which may prove to be inconvenient and maddening. However, it is important to remind them that in order to sell their house they may need to make adjustments.

Bottom line: Inform your sellers that last-minute showings are commonplace, and it is important that they try their best to accommodate them.

  1. Leave the home during a showing. It is important that your sellers leave the home during the showing. Some homeowners, for one reason or another, will insist on staying during the showing, but this will only hinder the showing and scare away potential buyers.

It is important to remind your sellers that most potential home buyers will feel uncomfortable touring a home (and looking in closets and cupboards) when the homeowner is present. As a result, they will likely cut their showing short.

Bottom line: Encourage your sellers to leave the home during showings and open houses to make buyers feel more comfortable.

  1. Don’t come back early, either! The same rule applies for homeowners who pop in before a showing or open house has ended.

Bottom line: Encourage your sellers to stay away from the home until everyone has left.

  1. Remove the pets. Pets should not be present during a showing. It is important to remind your sellers that not everyone is a pet lover, and some buyers may be even be allergic or afraid of your pet.

Bottom line: Encourage your sellers to take their pets with them during a showing or open house, if possible.

The key to effectively communicating these items with your sellers is not to demand these things, but to instead request them. A written list of recommendations is often a great way to communicate positive open house and showing tactics.

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