Preparing Your Home for Sale – Inexpensive Kitchen Solutions

You hear it all the time – kitchens sell houses. But you need to get your house sold and you certainly don’t have the time or the budget required for a kitchen makeover. Now what?

Dealing with the Cabinets

Grab a scrub brush, a bucket and some elbow grease and thoroughly clean the cabinets of fingerprints, grease and residue. If that does the trick then consider yourself ahead of the game. Otherwise, read on.

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet hardware are all it takes to update cabinets. You may also want to consider paying a professional to resurface the cabinets. This will obviously cost more than a can of paint, but a lot less than the cost of new cabinets. And the results are typically impressive.

While you’re at it, organize your kitchen cabinets’ contents. Buyers will be opening cabinet doors and if they see cluttered cabinets they will naturally assume that the home does not have adequate cabinet space.

On to the Countertops

Clearing the countertops of clutter is a great first step in freshening up your kitchen and giving the appearance of more countertop space. Give the countertops a good scrub-down, and don’t forget the stainless steel sink. Scouring out the sink with a Brillo pad is an easy way to instantly shine it up and make it look brand new.

If it’s in your budget, you may also want to consider replacing the countertops. And you don’t need to install granite, either. Today’s laminate countertops are attractive, durable and generally inexpensive. And they can make a big impact on an outdated kitchen.

Don’t Forget the Appliances

Once again, if new appliances are in your budget, go ahead and splurge. New appliances impress buyers and can serve as a useful bargaining tool when determining the sale price of your home.

Otherwise, roll those sleeves up again and get to work. Wipe down the exterior of all your appliances, and then scrub the inside of the stove, the microwave and the refrigerator until they shine. Always remember that you can’t take back a buyer’s first impression, so clean it up!

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