Marketing Yourself with Confidence

Often the biggest hurdles for real estate agents is the process of marketing themselves. Whether you feel as if you are bothering people, are difficult at promoting yourself or simply have a fear of rejection, the many reasons for hesitation when it comes to marketing yourself can mean the difference between a highly successful real estate career and one that seems to never take off.

What to do?

  1. The first order of business is to transform the task of marketing yourself from a difficult one into a pleasurable one. Approach it as an exciting, positive experience and soon you’ll find yourself enjoying yourself, instead of cringing every time you pick up the phone. A positive attitude really does go a long way when marketing yourself.
  2. Know that you are offering a valuable service, not bothering people, when you place your first phone call. Focus on the many things you have to offer, and concentrate on relaying that to people. If you show confidence and offer to give valuable helpful ideas and suggestions that people need, you will soon find that people will generally be receptive to you.
  3. Make a point to understand your unique selling points, and relay those to people. Eliminate the mindset of “I’m bragging,” and learn about your unique qualities that make you a valuable addition to any real estate transaction. The biggest hurdle you may face may be the need to downplay what you have to offer. But once you overcome this, you can let people know what you have to offer and radiate confidence while you’re doing it.
  4. Always remain visible. People need to know who you are and how to reach you. Becoming very visible is often the best, first step when marketing yourself. You can’t talk to people about your qualities and talents if they don’t know you’re there!
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