Is it Time to Sell?

There are several things that can garner as much attention from you family as moving.

Is the time right to move? For many families, that is the million-dollar question. A move can greatly affect your family, your finances and your current lifestyle. Many of us move in order to downsize, up-size or to take job opportunities elsewhere.

Your decision to move from your current home may also be based on finances. For many homeowners, the decision to move is based largely on finances and the inability to make ends meet in today’s tough, economic climate.

Whatever the reason for your move, you may want to ask yourself several questions before making the leap to another home:

  1. Have you outgrown your home? For many of us, a growing family is one of the reasons to make the move into a new home. If your family keeps growing and your household stuff also seems to be growing at an impressive rate, then it may be time to consider a move into a large home that can better accommodate your growing family.
  2. Has your home outgrown you? If you are an empty nester with more room than you know what to do with, then it may time to downsize. For many of us with adult children, the Irving home we once found too small is now simply too large. Empty bedrooms and a yard that is no longer used may be just two of the reasons why empty nesters may find themselves pondering the decision to downsize into a more manageable home.
  3. Are you ready to make a profit? If you find yourself in the fortunate situation where your Irving home is now worth much, much more than when you first bought it, you may want to sell it to reap the rewards of a hefty profit.
  4. Are you ready to make a life change? If you are ready to make a serious life change, like moving to another state or buying the home of your dreams, then it may be time to sell your home. Following your dreams and achieving your goals are often much easier to accomplish when you have your home’s equity to help fund it.
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