How to Shop for a New Home like a Pro

If you are new to home buying and the thought of looking at homes makes you start to sweat, then you’re not alone. The process of looking for a home, while exciting, can prove to be quite a stressful experience.

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Often times, looking at numerous homes can leave you feeling defeated, tired and confused. Fear not! To become a seasoned home buyer, all you need is a great plan of action:

  • Take the time to clearly convey your wants, needs and desires your real estate agent so you don’t waste your time looking at homes that simply do not meet your requirements. For example, there is nothing quite as frustrating as looking at three-bedroom homes when you absolutely must have four bedrooms.
  • Schedule only a handful of property showings on any given day. Although it may make sense to knock out as many homes as you can in one day, the reality is that this tactic will often just make your head spin. All of the properties may begin to look alike after awhile, and it may be difficult to really take the time to examine any one given Highland Park property.
  • Take a notepad and a digital camera along. Although each agent will likely provide you with a packet regarding information about each home you see, it pays to take your own notes and pictures so that you can better remember both the positive and negative features of the home.
  • Don’t just look at the inside of the home! Pay close attention to the location of the property and take notes. Is it located on a busy street? Are the other homes well maintained? Is the home close to nearby shopping centers, schools, etc?
  • Pay attention to the small details of the home, as this can often give you a better idea of the home’s overall condition.
  • Remain objective. You may walk into a home that looks simply beautiful, but is it the right home for you? Are the cathedral ceilings in the living room and the granite countertops in the kitchen clouding over the fact that the home has only one bathroom and is located on a busy street?
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