Home Buying Basics: Organizing and Strategizing

Shopping for a new home is a lot like running a marathon, or at least that’s how it feels to many homebuyers. Your realtor may show you multiple homes in one day and, as a result, the lines between homes may quickly become blurred.

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It is important to remain organized when viewing several properties in one day, as it may become necessary to go over the homes’ features at a later time.

The following tips will help you stay organized and on track when viewing homes:

  • Don’t view too many homes in one day. Viewing too many homes will simply leave you feeling exhausted and confused. Let your real estate agent know that you would prefer limiting the number of home you see on any given day to less than five, for example.
  • Bring your notepad along and take copious notes. A Realtor’s handout may not be sufficient when viewing a home. Instead, make notes of small details that you’ll want to remember at the later time. For example, the backyard was private in House A, but House B had a large, eat-in kitchen.

These details may not be spelled out in a flier, but may be important to you, so remember to either take notes as you walk through, or take a moment afterwords to pen down all your thoughts about the property before moving onto the next one.

  • Bring a camera, if necessary, and take shots of areas of importance. A digital camera may prove to be very useful as you tour multiple North Dallas homes. Take pictures of areas of concern, or areas that are particularly appealing, and use them as you review the homes of that day. Often times, a picture can help refresh a home in your mind.
  • Finally, if you begin feeling tired or unfocused, stop and catch a light snack or a cold beverage before moving onto the next home.
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