Great Ways to Catch your Buyers' Attention

With today’s housing market struggling to get by, it’s no wonder that sellers are starting to become very resourceful when it comes to selling their homes.

If your home is one of several homes for sale in your neighborhood, then it’s up to you to offer buyers something different that may catch their attention and may make your home stand apart from the crowd.

Pay Attention by AntyDiluvian.
photo by AntyDiluvian

Creating the WOW Factor

  • Consider new appliances, particularly stainless steel or those that are Energy Star Certified, both of which are very popular among new homebuyers. The money spent on new appliances will instantly transform an otherwise ho-hum kitchen into a sleek, updated space. You will also likely see a full return on your investment.
  • Improve your home’s curb appeal. The best time to get your buyers’ attention is the moment they step out of their car. If your home is neat and tidy on the outside, then most buyers will assume that it is just as tidy on the inside.

Some easy things you can do to tidy up your yard is to: add pots of colorful annuals near the front door; install new hardware on your front door; pull weeds from your flower and plant beds and lay down a thick layer of mulch; create a cozy seating area on your front porch; and give your shutters and trim a fresh coat of paint.

  • Tend to the small details. Don’t be surprised if you notice buyers checking out the small details of your home, as these can often indicate whether a home has been well maintained. Go from room to room and take note of any area which needs finished, fixed or updated.

Some areas to consider: missing or broken switch plates; dirty walls or shabby paint colors; outdated light fixtures; leaking faucets or running toilets; dirty or stained carpets; and dirty appliances.

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