Exploring Fort Worth's Homeownership Programs

The City of Fort Worth has many homeownership programs which are designed to turn homeownership into a reality for many qualified buyers. First-time buyers can take advantage of the several housing assistance programs, which are made possible through federal, state and local funds.

Fort Worth Homeownership Programs include:

  • Closing Cost Assistance/Down Payment Assistance

First-time homebuyers - or those who have not owned a home in the last three years - may be eligible for deferred payment loans of up to $14,999 to help pay closing costs and/or down payments.

Homebuyers, in order to qualify for this program, must contribute a portion of their own money ($1,000 or 2 percent of the purchase price of the home, whichever is less).

The homebuyers must live in the home as their primary residence, must attend a homeownership training class, and must meet certain income criteria, as set forth by strict Income Guidelines.

Homebuyers may choose from a list of approved lenders in order to participate in the Homebuyer’s Assistance Program.

  • Deferred Payment Loan Assistance Program

The Deferred Payment Loan Assistance Program provides mortgages for income-eligible, first-time homebuyers. Homebuyers receive a subsidy of up to $14,999 for homes located in designed targeted building areas of Fort Worth’s central city.

The homebuyer can use the subsidy for mortgage assistance, or use part of it for closing costs and down payment costs.

  • Dream Home Program

The Dream Home Program provides loans to housing sponsors for the preservation and development of housing, particularly in the central city and target areas.

The Fort Worth Housing Trust Fund encourages the private sector to develop housing for household who earn up to 120 percent of the area median income, as set forth by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Homeowner Loan Program assists homeowners with minor and substantial repairs and is offered citywide to eligible borrowers.

  • Housing Counseling

The City of Fort Worth offers homeownership training and counseling to teach renters and first-time homebuyers how to better their chances of becoming homeowners. As a federally certified housing counseling agency, the Housing Department helps citizens who want to become homeowners create and follow a budget, consolidate and pay off loans, eliminate debts and apply for a mortgage.

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