Dallas – Fort Worth Housing Market

While so many major markets across the country are experiencing housing slumps, Dallas-Fort Worth remains one of the countrys two strongest housing markets. This can be attributed to several factors, among them a healthy local economy, high employment rates, stable economy, steadily growing home values and home affordability. These, in turn, have contributed to the DFW areas reputation as a low-risk real estate market.

The current slowdown in housing starts, due to an abundant supply of new home inventory, has had little effect on the median price of new homes in Dallas-Fort Worth. Values continue to increase and should escalate further as existing inventory is sold. As a result, theres no time like the present for families like yours to make a new home purchase and take advantage of the affordable prices and the anticipated growth in value after you buy. You’ll find DFW an excellent place to live with a steady, long-term appreciation in the value of your home.

DFW Is A Low Risk Market
This listing of the U.S. real estate markets ranks each on the likelihood for future price devaluation. DFW’s strong local economy, continued employment growth, housing affordability, stable home prices and steadily increasing home appreciation make it a very low risk real estate market.
Best Time To BUY A Home

Top Two Benefits To Buy Now

1. Get more home for your money
2. Tax benefits (Also, 1ST time home buyers tax credit of $7,500 for

Population Growth

Population Growth—DFW Is Now the 4th Largest Metropolitan Area In the United States
The D/FW area adds 370 residents every day. The Dallas/Fort Worth area has been consistently growing for decades because of its central location, outstanding airport, low cost of living, housing affordability, pro-business environment and temperate climate. The metroplex is the largest metro area in Texas and ranked #4 largest MSA in the nation at over 6 million in population.

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