Coppell and its Commitment to New Businesses

Coppell actively encourages the development of new businesses and the relocation of corporations. The Coppell Chamber of Commerce and the City of Coppell work together to strengthen the economic health of Irving and to increase an overall feeling of pride for residents of Coppell.

In fact, the city of Coppell was recently recognized with two, prestigious awards, both of which reflected the commitment of the city to new industrial and office developments, including development processes and costs.

The awards given to the city of Coppell include first place for being “Most Open to Business” and second place for “Timing for Building Permits.” In addition, the city also ranked well in the areas of Economic Development Incentives Available and Development Costs.

  • Coppell is widely recognized for its pro-business city council, which works with businesses in all facets of their location or relocation in the city. Coppell was also the first city in Texas to approve the issuance of bonds for a Public Improvement District.
  • The city of Coppell makes it a priority to work closely with business and industry and to expedite the issuance of building and other required city permits. The overall goal is to “become a partner in future city growth.”
  • The city of Coppell recognizes that several specific types of businesses are well suited for the future development of the city, and therefore does several things to make Coppell more attractive to those targeted businesses. One of the policies involves offering an aggressive tax abatement policy that helps offset the costs associated with relocation. The abatement rate varies based on the company’s investment in the community.
  • The Freeport Tax Exemption is also known as a “goods in transit” exemption, as it allows the inventory of businesses to be exempt from business and property taxes if the tangible goods or merchandise are purchased in Texas or assembled, stored, manufactured, processed or fabricated in Coppell facilities, and then shipped out of Texas within 175 days.
  • The city of Coppell offers an economic development grant which offers businesses a sales tax rebate. The amount of each grant is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • The city of Coppell also considers a rebate of company development fees on a case by case basis.
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