Condo or Townhome: Which is Right for you?

You may have deteremined that owning a single-family home is not for you, and therefore, you may be gravitating towards a condominium or townhome. Thus, the question is: which is right for you?

For many first-time homebuyers, condominiums and townhomes are the ideal transition to a single-family residence, as they offer the many opportunities of owning a home, yet they do not require much of the maintenance and upkeep that a single-family home does.

Many professionals, empty nesters and even small families have found that condos and townhomes offer plenty of advantages. There are also plenty of new condominium and townhome developments throughout Irving that offer beautiful spaces, outstanding features and first-rate amenities and services.

In addition, in many parts of the country, purchasing a townhome or condominium is much more cost-effective and affordable than a single-family home. Add to that the money saved from not caring for a yard and surrounding property and it’s easy to see why so many Americans have chosen condo or townhome living over single-family homes.

Advantages of Townhome Living

  • You may have a small yard for your pet, and you may have a small back porch or deck to enjoy the outdoors.
  • You may have a separate garage and driveway for your own, private use.
  • Landscaping and exterior maintenance for your Irving property will likely be covered under your HOA fees.
  • You may have more privacy than you would in a condo.
  • You may have use of community amenities, such as a swimming pool and fitness center.
  • In the eyes of resale, townhomes are still considered single-family residences.

Advantages of Condo Living

  • You may be located in a more urban setting, which is ideal for professionals.
  • You may have use of building amenities, such as business centers, swimming pools, fitness centers, valet parking and concierge service.
  • You may have outdoor spaces, such as balconies and community courtyards, in which to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Many condo buildings are secured, either through the use of doormen, security personnel or surveillance cameras.
  • You may have access to gated or underground parking.
  • You may have access to many amenities and services through a building HOA.
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