Buying Tips: Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with your Realtor

The relationship between you and your real estate agent is vital when selling your home, especially in these tough economic times.

There are several things that you and your Realtor can do to make sure that the lines of communication remain open and that you are both working towards the same goals:

  • Work closely with your Realtor to develop a pricing strategy. Your Realtor will likely assess your personal situation, as well as your home, when developing a pricing strategy for your home.

For example, you will need to convey your unique situation to your Realtor, such as the amount of money you currently owe on the home, how quickly you need to move, what you have put into the home and your absolute bottom line. All of these factors, in addition to the home and the current real estate market, will likely determine your home’s listing price.

  • Develop both a short-term and a long-term game plan so that you and your Realtor remain “on the same page” regarding future decisions.

For example, how long will you let your home sit on the market before you lower the price?

  • Ask your real estate agent for weekly updates. This may include the number of inquiries received on the home, the number of showings, and the feedback received from the showings.

This information can play an important role when considering your short-term goals. Your real estate agent should be able to provide you with this information and recommend strategies to get your Coppell area home sold.

Other questions to ask include: What are other homes in the area selling for and how long did they sit on the market? What was the difference between the listing price and the sales price?

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