Buyer Tips: How to Shop for a Home

House hunting seems fairly straightforward, right? Show up, check out a few properties and find your dream Fort Worth home…

But it’s not always that easy. Instead, create a game plan and begin your home search in an organized, orderly manner. It will take much of the frustration out of home buying and make it the exciting, positive experience it should be!

The following tips will help you when searching for your piece of Forth Worth real estate:

  1. Make a list of must-haves. Are two, full bathrooms absolutely necessary? Is a two-car garage something you won’t budge on? You can instantly narrow down your search by only visiting those homes which meet your basic criteria.

Now, that doesn’t mean a strict list, either, as this will leave you empty-handed and disappointed. But it should include a fairly narrow price range and a short list of minimums that your home must have.

  1. Once you have your list of must-haves and a budget, you can further refine your list by location. The home of your dreams may not be so dreamy when you’re fighting a tough commute to and from work everyday. Check out the home’s location in terms of its proximity to your children’s school, your work, shopping centers, playgrounds, etc. to determine if it makes the cut.
  2. Once you’ve actually started your home search and made it through the door, you’ll want to get a good idea of the room sizes to determine whether your furniture will fit. You may be extremely disappointed if your antique bedroom set doesn’t come close to fitting into your new bedroom.
  3. Survey the neighborhood to determine if it’s a good fit for you and your family. Is the home located on a busy street? How are the other homes in the neighborhood cared for? Is the neighborhood noisy, or unsafe? No matter how great the home is, it won’t work if the neighborhood isn’t a good fit.
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